The Ring of Fire

Our son is fascinated by fire trucks. American fire trucks, that is. Fifty thousand pounds of flamboyant steel, rubber and metal, complete with disco lights, ear-popping horn, and shrieking siren, hurling through the streets in a deafening roar. Every time I take him to the neighborhood playground, we stop in […]

Lost (and Found)

I lose things. Gone is the Benetton scarf that was my only souvenir from a great vacation in Italy. Gone are the pricy sunglasses I bought in France (as a replacement after losing the previous pair). And on this Sunday morning, I cannot even find my phone. I feel dangerously […]

Phobias, Tarantulas and Vaginas

On our first night in the lake house, while brushing my teeth, I knew someone was watching. Reflected in the bathroom mirror, I counted half a dozen black spots on the wall behind me. T-shirt clad, toothbrush in mouth, armed with a Nike flip-flop, I sprung into action. I struck […]

Let there Biela

“What about going to the dog shelter today?” I asked Mai that Saturday morning. I feigned a spur-of-the-moment idea when in fact I had been browsing through adoption listings on the ‘Pets in Need’ web site for the past hour. Among countless canine profiles with catchy phrases and doggy-style photos, […]

The Crossing

“Run!” shouted Mai in the middle of a high-traffic boulevard in Saigon, Vietnam. She and her brother bolted to the sidewalk, against all the advice local folks gave us on the art of crossing the street. Horns honked as scooters and mopeds zoomed by the runaways. Miraculously, they made it […]


Anxiety is the talent that human beings have for worrying about problems that may never happen, and over which they have no control. The antidote for Anxiety is Acceptance that there are very few things in life we can control, except how we react to the world that surrounds us. […]