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Let there Biela

“What about going to the dog shelter today?” I asked Mai that Saturday morning. I feigned a spur-of-the-moment idea when in fact I had been browsing through adoption listings on the ‘Pets in Need’ web site for the past hour. Among countless canine profiles with catchy phrases and doggy-style photos, […]

When Biela meets Manly

As I park in front the Oakland Animal Shelter in this warm and sunny November day, I have a doubt. We want to resolve the behavior issues of our dog by getting a second dog. What if this doesn’t work? By the way, how did it come to this? Our […]

Kid Policy

Having travelled with 2 dogs for 10 months and 10,000 miles, we’ve heard lots of interesting comments from hotel staff about pets. It’s true that there are risks with letting animals inside a hotel room: they might be noisy, they might be dirty or smelly, and they might break things. […]

Dog Story

Camera #1: the bedroom. Mai is watching a movie on her laptop, headphones on. Suddenly, Manly (the brown dog) appears in front of the bedroom window, dashing back and forth, wagging his tail in excitement. Mai shushes him and orders firmly: “Leave it!” He’s probably hunting geckos and iguanas again. […]