Category: Human Nature

The Will To Live

Jacques sat on a tall bench, his young legs swinging to the beat of the tune in his head. The blond, blue-eyed boy wore shorts, like any ten-year old kid in summer time. Today was a weekday and he would not be going to mass, yet he sported his Sunday […]

Phobias, Tarantulas and Vaginas

On our first night in the lake house, while brushing my teeth, I knew someone was watching. Reflected in the bathroom mirror, I counted half a dozen black spots on the wall behind me. T-shirt clad, toothbrush in mouth, armed with a Nike flip-flop, I sprung into action. I struck […]


Anxiety is the talent that human beings have for worrying about problems that may never happen, and over which they have no control. The antidote for Anxiety is Acceptance that there are very few things in life we can control, except how we react to the world that surrounds us. […]

I, Robot

Los Angeles airport. I choose a sandwich and hand it over to the cashier. – “Hi, how are you?” she asks. I open my mouth to let out a polite and mindless “Fine, how are you doing?” but instead I feel compelled to tell the truth: – “Actually I’m exhausted. […]

Not Enough Time

“Grandpa,” asks the child, “why do people always say they don’t have enough time?” The old man smiles: “Let’s go outside, I want to show you something.” He takes the boy by the hand and both walk out to the garden. In the toolshed he grabs two baskets and a […]

Let Go!

Life is full of changes. We can’t stop it. At this very moment the world is changing, people are changing. And you are changing too. As always we have a choice: we can either accept it or deny it. This is particularly striking with relationships. Two people have an affinity […]