Category: Poems

My Knight

Not a word, not a sound, you read by the fire Absorbed in your quest, seeking infinite knowledge The smoke curls from a pipe, a palatable scent Soft eyes emerge behind a thick and antique book Patience without limits, master clock precision Year after year, so much rigging, so many […]

Your Elixir

At my bedside tenderly you read a story You caress my hair and kiss me every evening Then wake-up in the night while I cry in the dark And by your sheer presence you appease my nightmares Elegance and beauty, just like a movie star Your smile is an angel’s, […]


May you enjoy each day fully, with health and vitality May the sun gently caress your skin from dawn till dusk May the moon protect your spirit while you sleep May you always have pure water to drink and fresh fruit to eat May your dreams be grandiose May your […]

A Mayan Prayer

We are about to start our hike on San Pedro volcano on the shores of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. At the trailhead a sign encourages all hikers to read this prayer: O heart of the sky Heart of mother earth Heart of the lake Heart of the fire Alongside the 4 […]

Peel the Onion

I am not my clothes, I am not my haircut, I am not my pretty car. Peel the onion, what hides inside? I am not my job, I am not my house, I am not my bank account. Peel the onion, what hides inside? I am not my family, I am […]