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Phobias, Tarantulas and Vaginas

On our first night in the lake house, while brushing my teeth, I knew someone was watching. Reflected in the bathroom mirror, I counted half a dozen black spots on the wall behind me. T-shirt clad, toothbrush in mouth, armed with a Nike flip-flop, I sprung into action. I struck […]

The Crossing

“Run!” shouted Mai in the middle of a high-traffic boulevard in Saigon, Vietnam. She and her brother bolted to the sidewalk, against all the advice local folks gave us on the art of crossing the street. Horns honked as scooters and mopeds zoomed by the runaways. Miraculously, they made it […]

The King of Parking

Pretending to read messages on his mobile phone, the King discretely observes the wealthy couple getting out of the French restaurant at the corner of the Plaza, the man’s white shirt and the woman’s evening dress shining under the bright moonlight that bathes Panama City in a pale glow. The […]

I, Robot

Los Angeles airport. I choose a sandwich and hand it over to the cashier. – “Hi, how are you?” she asks. I open my mouth to let out a polite and mindless “Fine, how are you doing?” but instead I feel compelled to tell the truth: – “Actually I’m exhausted. […]

The Journey of Ganesh

“Which one do you like?” asks the storeowner with a perfect English and a strong Indian accent. At the end of our visit of the ancient site of Mahabalipuram, our host and coworker Srini insisted in offering Mattias and I a hand-carved statue as a souvenir of our first time […]

Let the fog clear

It’s been two weeks since we came back from a year of nomadic adventures on the roads of Latin America and returned to a sedentary life in San Francisco. Wherever we go, whomever we talk to, one question seems to be on everyone’s lips: “How does it feel to be […]