Anxiety is the talent that human beings have for worrying about problems that may never happen, and over which they have no control. The antidote for Anxiety is Acceptance that there are very few things in life we can control, except how we react to the world that surrounds us. […]

Free Energy

Dressed in black, the black man wore dreads and black sunglasses. Next to him laid a black duffel bag, a black rolling suitcase, and a black garbage bag. A straw hat covered his head. He was rubbing the ground in circular motions while mumbling and putting his hand in and […]


Today I’m turning 38. Mai got up at dawn and is on her way to the office. When she asked me a few weeks ago what I wanted for my birthday the answer was easy: getting together with a small group of friends, sharing a good dinner and going dancing […]

When Biela meets Manly

As I park in front the Oakland Animal Shelter in this warm and sunny November day, I have a doubt. We want to resolve the behavior issues of our dog by getting a second dog. What if this doesn’t work? By the way, how did it come to this? Our […]

The King of Parking

Pretending to read messages on his mobile phone, the King discretely observes the wealthy couple getting out of the French restaurant at the corner of the Plaza, the man’s white shirt and the woman’s evening dress shining under the bright moonlight that bathes Panama City in a pale glow. The […]

I, Robot

Los Angeles airport. I choose a sandwich and hand it over to the cashier. – “Hi, how are you?” she asks. I open my mouth to let out a polite and mindless “Fine, how are you doing?” but instead I feel compelled to tell the truth: – “Actually I’m exhausted. […]